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【CM CSR】Fulfillment of social responsibility starts from youth

Yu-Hsiang Wang, Nian-Xuan Tsai, Yi-Shin Liu, and Ssu-Hsuan Chen, who are seniors in the Department of Business Management, organized a graduation exhibition titled “Youth Countdown” under the guidance of Professor Ping-Yi Chao. This exhibition portrayed the dreams of 22 NSYSU students and used photos to present tales of youth prior to graduation such as trips abroad to exchange experiences of personal growth or the search for like-minded students for the joint maintenance of the campus environment and founding of clubs. For instance, Judy Tsai demonstrates social responsibility related actions in her daily life, which clearly indicates that social responsibility is not confined to any agencies or forms. All people can take such actions if they have enough commitment.
Ms. Tsai who double majors in Business Management and Foreign Languages & Literature often spontaneously cleans Sizih Bay Beach with her friends. This zeal is not related to their coursework but originates from a deep love for the ocean. Based on a firm belief in her ability to maintain a clean beach in their own NSYSU campus, she and a couple of friends cleans the beach whenever they have free time. Ms. Tsai is convinced that the practice of social responsibility can be as simple as turning beach cleaning into a routine.
(The above report about the Department of Business Management was originally in Chinese and written by Chih-Lin Tsai, a student of the department)
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