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EMBA Program

Program Description

Faced with fierce business competition, rapid technological advancement, and?nbsp;the irresistible trend of globalization, many business managers are seeking the?nbsp;opportunities of continuous self-enrichment. Upholding the idea of ​promoting high?nbsp;quality management education for a better tomorrow, the College of Management,?nbsp;National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) decides to better help senior managers to?nbsp;shoulder their heavy responsibility by offering the carefully designed Executive MBA?nbsp;(EMBA) program. We recruit the program distinguished faculty and provide first-class curriculum?nbsp;with the goal of cultivating twenty-first century new business leadership. Through?nbsp;systematic management training , diverse courses across various management?nbsp;disciplines, cross-industrial exchange of experiences, novel methods of teaching, and?nbsp;friendship establishment between teams and international companies, the EMBA?nbsp;program of NSYSU is deemed to achieve high -quality EMBA education.


Many of our EMBA students work for companies from the Greater China region?nbsp;and multi-national companies, and taking advantage of their weekends to return?nbsp;to Taiwan to attend classes. Apart from this, apart from traditional, financial or?nbsp;technological industries, there are also students from public offices, state-owned?nbsp;enterprises, medical sector, defense sector and media personnel, giving an even?nbsp;bigger advantage in establishing interpersonal networks. In line with international?nbsp;trend, the curriculum is incorporated with global issues and bring students to?nbsp;overseas countries (Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Hungary, Austria etc.) for?nbsp;seminars. In addition, in response to increasingly frequent Taiwanese-Chinese?nbsp;investment and increasingly open cross-strait policy, the program has added ?nbsp;?nbsp;?nbsp; many Asia-Pacific management issues.


The goal of this EMBA program is to enhance five major core competences of students, which include: Innovation and Information Technology capability, Leadership, Communication and Crisis management capability, Strategic Business Management capability, Problem solving capability and Global Business Management capability. 18 courses on Table 1 and 45 credits are provided in the two-year program.