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  • Program Award

‧ Ranked 3rd of top EMBA program which executive want to apply the most Cheers Magazine Survey 2014
‧ Ranked the 3rd of  CEO’s most favorite 2014 EMBA program Global View monthly.
‧ Ranked the 3rd among business corporations favorite EMBA program : Global View Monthly Survey 2014
‧ Ranked the 1st of EMBA program in southern Taiwan: Cheers Survey 2014 


  • Distinguished Alumni

    Include : City Mayors , congressman , Ambassador , City councilor , National SMEA Award , National Distinguished manager award , Government affairs adviser of Executive Yuan , president of social service foundation .


Year of graduation and Degree

Year of award-winning Distinguished Alumni Award

Current position


Chung Chin Lin

2006, EMBA


Chairman of Yikung construction of industrial co., LTD

Government affairs adviser of Executive Yuan (2007.8.1~2008.5.20; 2009.1.21 by far).

Government affairs adviser of Kaohsiung Government (2002.12.25 by far).

Chairman of Kaohsiung Organizing Committee.

Shou Shan Yeh

2006, EMBA


Pingtung city mayor

Established Pingtung Talent Education Fund, donated all the mayor selection ballot subsidy of 1,557,660 NTD as incentives to benefit the students.

Promote Pingtung to win the 2009 Innovation Achievement Awards from the Alliance for Healthy Cities in Taiwan; get the 2010 WHO Western Pacific Region Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC) accreditation.

Cheng Ta Su

2005, EMBA


Chairman of  Nan Jie Industry Co. Ltd

Su is the president of Ji-Sing Senior Citizen Foundation, he cares about the elderly people who live alone and helps establish the care center to take good care of them.

Su also donated 3 million NTD to establish a scholarship under the name of his parents to encourage those students who show filial piety and need help.

Tsu Kang Lei

2010, EMBA


Chairman of Coridel

Lei won the Award of Kaohsiung Model Captain 1983, Award of Kaohsiung Top 10 Outstanding Fishermen 1986, Award of Distinguished Alumni of Taipei College of Maritime Technology 2002, Award of Distinguished General Manager of Kaohsiung and Pingtung 2007.