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【CM CSR】International Culture Education and Visits to Sustainable Enterprises

The College offers two international programs taught in English: International Business MBA (IBMBA) and Global Human Resource Management (GHRM). In addition to the cultivation of outstanding talent in international management, these two programs have also made steady progress in social responsibility.  In 2019, they collaborated with students of the ACT Global Business Management Program to introduce students of an elementary school near NSYSU to delicacies and cultures of different countries. Students from Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Albania, Uruguay, Russia, China, and Mexico participated in this activity. Through these international students’ introduction and playful shows, over 150 elementary school students learned a lot about the cultures of these countries.
Professor Ryan Brading, instructor of the course “Sustainable Development of International Enterprises,” arranged a visit to the AgriGaia Biotech Inc. plant in Kaohsiung for his local and foreign students. AgriGaia is a social enterprise that uses biomimicry farming technologies to produce vegetables and Chinese herbal medicines. It aims to entice young people to pursue careers in the local area through the utilization of greenhouse and non-toxic cultivation technologies. AgriGaia not only provides healthy, non-toxic, and organic vegetables but also opportunities for local farmers to gain a better understanding of cultivation methods for various plants. It also provides training for students from the Philippines to increase their expertise in non-toxic farming methods. Through interaction and exchange between students and industry leaders, Professor Brading strives to provide students with a clear understanding of how enterprises can place equal emphasis on profitability and safeguarding of farmer rights and interests, protection of food quality for consumers, and contributions to sustainability of society and humanity.
In 2019, Professor Brading organized a visit to Green Hotel in Taichung for students taking his “Organizational Politics” course .The architectural design, AC system, and interior decorations of this green hotel are based on eco-friendly principles. These include the installation of a solar water heating system, LED lighting devices, a central atrium (that save energy savings by reducing the use of air conditioning and artificial lighting), a plant wall with greening effects, and non-use of disposable items. This visit gave students a clear understanding of how enterprises can incorporate sustainability into their business operations.
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