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【 NEWS 】 2020 EMBA New Student Consensus Camp

The National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) EMBA New Student Consensus Camp is held in May and June every year. Each year, over 100 new students participated in the two-day camp in Kenting with the faculty members of the College of Management. After the welcome remarks delivered by the Dean and the Chief Executive Officer of the College of Management, a special clothing giving ceremony is also held to allow the new students to put on NSYSU T-shirts, symbolizing that they have officially become part of the "NSYSU family".

Afterwards, Prof. Lin Hao-chieh served as the lecturer for the consensus camp, leading everyone to participate in a series of fun activities, including the famous "Marshmallow Challenge". The participating students were given 18 minutes to use available materials to build a tower structure and put the marshmallow on top of the tower structure, which forced the students to think and cooperate quickly within a short period of time. In addition, there is also a trust-building game where a student stood in a circle surrounded by other students, closed his eyes and fell backward, and the surrounding students would catch and support the falling student. Further, more than one hundred people formed a large circle through putting hands on one another’s shoulder and walked forward together while the music was playing. When the music stopped, the students would stop walking and sit on the lap of the person behind him. Although these seem like trivial games, they allow students to learn to trust one another as well as the importance of teamwork and responsive thinking through participating in these activities. During the activities, each participant was able to let go of their supervisory titles at their respective companies and returned to the student identity to completely and openly learn, experiencing an interesting and enriching time to build consensus and friendship.

During the two-day event, it was inevitable that the instructor of each class familiarized the new students with admission instructions and future curriculum. The faculty members encouraged the new students to prepare for welcoming the next two years of wonderful learning time. For the finale event, the Dean of the College of Management and well-known alumni gave keynote speeches. The camp closed successfully with watching a heart-warming video featuring the past two days and taking group photos.

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